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This isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill group workout. It’s personal training in a group setting.  It’s weird but my superpower is to be able to customize the workout for each client within the group setting. So, what that means for you is a challenging, personalized class that fits your needs with fun and dynamic group energy. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

Ways to TRAIN with Angela

The ATRAIN Family: Enjoy this very tailored workout in Angela’s Gym with the ATRAIN regulars. Requests are welcomed and special needs are accommodated. ATRAIN will give you a full body strength workout including LOTS of core work, and cardio intervals to match your ability. Sign up now. Scheduling ATRAIN workouts with your friends on your own times is also available. Email me to set it up!

BADASS Summer Prep Series: NOON workouts are back starting April 17 and ending June 2.  Come join your friends with some get it done workouts for seven weeks while we wait for the trails to open so you can hit the ground running (fast) when the snow melts and the mud turns to dirt!

BADASS Tuesday Nights: Advanced targeted strength training with high intensity cardiovascular intervals. Bring your A-Game, because it’s ON. This FUN group likes to Get It Done.  Expect a stronger core than you have ever had and get ready to enjoy how that enhances your sports outside.  Workout can be modified to suit any level.

Angela on Demand: Flying Solo: Personalized One-on-One training is available with me. Enjoy the privacy factor of my personal training workouts along with a hefty dose of positive discussion about your health and fitness goals. $100 for a one-hour session. Click here and let’s find a time…Private training rocks. Bring a Friend:  Group privates for strength training and/or yoga are available. Let’s do it. Personalized One-on-One training is also available with Rob Freeman, (the love of my life, darling husband who’s super cute to boot) on his side of the gym. Here’s a link to Rob.

Personal Training for Trainers: New to personal training and ready to UP your game? I am now offering coaching and training to trainers who are ready to take their work to an elite level. Contact me for an interview and package options.

Schedule & Pricing

Click here to view the schedule. Prices: $30/workout OR Summer Prep Special 3X a week for 7 weeks: $550 (starts April 17 and ends June 2)

BADASS is back for seven short weeks. Commit to the entire series (12 workouts) for $240 Or drop in: $25/workout (April 17 through June 2)

BADASS Summer Prep: Tuesday nights for 6 weeks. Starts April 18.  Sign up for the entire session to get a GREAT deal. $90 (April

Drop In Welcome: $25/session

Click here to view the schedule.

Any combination of strength work and yoga! Prices: Individual $100 2 people $75/each 3 people $60/each 4 people $50/each 5 people or more $40/each

Call me for a consultation, 208.720.7433.
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