Angela’s Gym

  • Are you someone who just isn’t a gym person?
  • Wouldn’t it be awesome to feel stronger when you ski/bike/run (and all the other fun things we do outside)?
  • Is strength training something you just don’t do on your own?

If you said yes… time to go to Angela’s.  

My philosophy after 15 years of personal strength training is:

It’s got to be FUN. It’s got to be SAFE. AND, it has got to WORK. (As in, “Please I need big results from only an hour or two a week – I have a life!!!)

I love working out with you because you motivate me to do things that I would not otherwise do on my own in the gym. You bring great energy and music to my mid-day workout. The hour class flies by, and at the end I always feel like I got a great workout in. The quotes you have around the gym are inspirational and fun and I always look forward to going. – Eeva Turzian

I mean who doesn’t want to work out with a personal trainer? My group training makes everyone feel like they are getting a customized workout with their very own trainer (and at a group rate… hip hip and a yip yip to that). PLUS working out with a trainer ensures that you get the appropriate training you need for the results you want.

Angela’s class is the best workout in town! She works you incredibly hard while considering your individual needs. It’s like getting a private training session while benefiting from the energy of a group! – Caren Harris

What is the WORKOUT exactly?gym action shot

Targeted strength training with High-Intensity Cardiovascular intervals. What is that you ask? You can get your weight training in and not feel like you have to go for a run afterward because your cardio is integrated throughout the workout. At Angela’s gym, all fitness levels are welcome. You want it BIG?!? Then bring your A-Game. It’s ON. If you need it more reasonable– I’ve got that too. Basically, I can kick your butt as much (or as little) as you’re up for that day.

Coming to Angela’s to work out is so much fun and the time just flies by. It’s especially great when you are looking for a little extra motivation and a huge dose of positive energy. She plays fabulous music and helps you get in fantastic shape! – Carrie Lightner
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