The End

By Angela

An email popped up in my inbox a couple of days ago questioning is there are really any endings.  My answer to that is yes.  We have beginnings, middles and ends.  The beginning, middle and end to a day.  The beginning, middle and ending to a season.  The beginning, middle and end to a year. And yes, the beginning, middle …

AngelaThe End

Poor Forecasting

By Angela

Human behaviors and the explanations regarding the reasons behind such said behaviors is nothing short of well, amazing.  I mean, we are absolutely fascinating.  Here’s my latest find on the journey to cultivating more joy.Turns out that when it comes to anticipating upcoming events we have a tendency to overestimate how great it will be.  On the flip side, when …

AngelaPoor Forecasting


By Angela

Serenity prayer:                 Sometimes when things are unacceptable, you need to find the courage to try and change them. This came up for me the day before I left for Mexico. My fear of the “scary” people with the chained up dog next to the gym became smaller (FINALLY) than my extreme distress …


Wait… don’t miss it

By Angela

Self-Improvement. Sign me up. I’m always looking to reach goals, grow, evolve, bring it on, I’m in.  I mean let’s do this thing yesterday, c’mon! Here’s the problem. There’s never a finish line. And while it’s absolutely true there really isn’t a finish line, sometimes there is a time out, a vacation, or a break from the self improvement marathon …

AngelaWait… don’t miss it

Presence to end the serious suffering

By Angela

“Through practice, I’ve come to see that the deepest source of my misery is not wanting things to be the way they are. Not wanting myself to be the way I am. Not wanting the world to be the way it is. Not wanting others to be the way they are. Whenever I’m suffering, I find this war with reality …

AngelaPresence to end the serious suffering

Presence and Breathing for ENERGY

By Angela

One of my text books for yoga teacher training is written by a yogi named Erich Schiffmann. I’m loving this book and this was something that really resonated with me this week. “Each breath you take can remind you to be here now, to treat this moment as important, and repeatedly to affirm the fact that right now you are …

AngelaPresence and Breathing for ENERGY