Magic, Magic, Magic

By Angela

In the world of metaphysics, it is a strong belief that you will experience what you believe.  If you believe that the world is filled with limitations, your experience will be one of limits.  If you think people suck, you’ll most likely run into sucky people.  If you imagine that there isn’t enough, then guaranteed you’ll always be lacking. 

The cool thing about this is that it also works in reverse.  When you believe that we live in an abundant Universe, you’ll find your needs are always met.  When you trust that you are supported, you’ll find support everywhere.  When you know that you want to find love, it will just show up in all sorts of ways.

So, my short blog of the day is basically asking you to consider, what are you looking for?  Actively choosing to look for what you want to pull in to your life seriously works, I’m living proof.

I have decided and continue to decide daily that I am looking for magic and any reason to party.  What has appeared in my life since making this a top priority is all kinds of magical experiences and people.

My birthday was last Monday, and we celebrated with a magnificent cake on Sunday night. (I mean, seriously that cake?!?!) 

I couldn’t help but beam from ear to ear that I have pulled into my sphere of wonderful people someone who would orchestrate such a perfect “Angela” cake complete with Unicorn theme, rainbows (including a pink one), wonder woman tiara and a TUTU… WITH STARS! 





I loved that I asked for an outrageous theme and people showed up looking like this.  (again, seriously?? Omg)









I loved that we sat around the table enjoying each other on such a deep place of authentic sharing. 

I still love that over half of the ATRAIN class wore tutus on Friday to kick off the birthday weekend along with unicorn hats. BTW this was no small feat… it’s very hot working out in a tutu and that hats got in the way of the ball throw but people soldiered on.  It was kick ass.

As I was downloading what happened that Sunday night with a friend, she marveled  at how “it felt so normal to be sitting around in outrageous outfits complete with bindis, happy birthday hats and tutus.”  But this isn’t surprising to me because this is my new normal.  It’s magic.  I have put it out there and it continues to appear.




THIS WEEK:  What are you looking for?  A fight?  Then put your duke’s up… it’s coming.  Love?  If yes then it is also coming.  Magic… complete with a party to boot… YES, guaranteed that will absolutely show up.  

AngelaMagic, Magic, Magic