By Angela

If you are reading this most likely you are an outdoor lover who tolerates the gym because it makes your outdoor experience better.  Indeed I’ve built my personal training business around targeting just your type.  But I’m not going to lie, as weird as it is to most of you, I have to admit even though I also live to be outdoors, I really do love the gym.  I  tend to blog about how to live your best life because that is my passion (and obsession) but today I want to share with you just why I love the gym and more importantly what I do to cultivate this ongoing love affair that has now been going on for 18 years. Also today is the launch of announcing my spring training specials so I hope to share some of the love and encourage you to consider joining me for some awesome spring training to prepare for an amazing summer.

My top 10 reasons I love the gym especially the way I use it and why Spring Training at Angelas’ is an excellent investment!

10.  The music.  Please, is there anything better than just turning it up, getting lost and letting your body sweat and breathe hard to a thumping loud beat? Answer: Only on the dance floor and that just doesn’t happen enough…. so you don’t even have to read any further… Doesn’t that make you want to sign up for this awesomeness?
9. The People.  Again, is there anything better than working out beside someone else who loves the trails as much as you do?  You have the golden opportunity to share the eye roll coupled with a big sigh which says, “Is she even close to being serious right now with this workout?” when I announce yet another set of lawnmowers.  Hard to beat the feeling of camaraderie group “suffering” creates.
8. The Metabolism Boost.  There is something about getting 60-70 sets of strength combined with high intensity cardio intervals in an hour of power at my gym.  It makes your metabolism go through the roof.  I’m all in for eating healthy but it is the treats that make life worth living. This training takes the impact out of daily yummy treats.
7. Get In, Get it Done, Get on with it.  An hour of ATRAIN or BADASS and you have really have had a workout.  As previously stated, I’m all about the outdoors but there is a something wonderful about just a short in, crush and out with 60 high quality minutes in the gym.
6. Don’t Think, Just move.  Especially after the first time around the circuit, how nice it is to just have someone directing you?  All you have to do is drop into your body and suffer a little bit while your gym loving instructor pulls you along.  There’s no danger of quitting early or not knowing what to do, so you can relax into the big sweat.
5.  Sweat is awesome. A sure sense of accomplishment comes with the very wet stinky sweaty tee shirt. If that doesn’t feel badass, well I am not sure what to tell you.
4. Swimsuit Season.  Really… enough said.
3. Abs of Steel and Zero crunches.  I love functional ab training.  Not only does it not suck, it really works.  Standing chops, twists, push/pulls aka Rob’s Rob, ball work, wheels and hanging abs make your abs look beautiful and more importantly really contribute to your performance on the trails.
2. Speaking of Trails… hello.  This type of training works.  It will make you faster on your bike, with your hiking, backpacking, climbing, running and seriously increase your ability to carry the overloaded picnic basket to the concerts this summer.  This training keeps you safe AND translates so well into your real life.
1. You feel like a badass.  I mean, come on, who doesn’t love waking up in the morning with your abs talking to you as you sit up?  Or your buns reminding you of the lunges with every step or if you even consider sitting down? Or the knowledge that you have committed and then shown up to do some amazing self care?  This feels badass… and again, who doesn’t want to feel like a badass?