Life is better when on the lookout for a Party

By Angela

One of my favorite Course in Miracles teachers is Jacob Glass.  (Top three are Jacob, Marianne Williamson and Pam Grout)  His awesome book, The Crabby Angel Chronicles suggests in many places to be ready for a party to break out at any given moment.

This is going to be short and sweet because I have literally been on the lookout for parties everywhere and lo and behold, they are finding me!  Just a few things that have happened in my quest to find joy (and parties) everywhere this week that I have been witness to and have influenced my week for that absolute positive:

Say YES to fun.  One of my people insists that she is going to say yes to fun.  As someone who NEVER wants to miss out on fun, I have adopted that mantra for myself.  Somehow just finding places to sit (usually in the vicinity of Atkinson’s) creates chance meetings, belly laughs and overall fun when I am willing to slow down and just sit for a bit with my friend.  This week:  Can you just sit with someone and enjoy what pops up??  Busy is fine, but slow and sitting can really create some joy! 

Manifesting greatness really does happen without effort.  Another one of my people got called about a potential job that could be amazing THAT SHE DIDN’T EVEN APPLY FOR. (serious… didn’t even apply for it!! How cool is that??) This week:  Are you open to the Universe delivering without all the struggle?  I KNOW that deliveries are on the way (just like amazon really) but takes a belief that 1. It is possible and 2. Feeling into a vision of what you want (be sure and leave the specifics up to Universal Power by just focusing on the feeling you want to enjoy more of and enjoy the surprise of how it is delivered)!

Breaking Bread with Beloves:  Truly just the act of eating with people can create an amazing merrymaking bash.  My new favorite thing is to make a simple meal, supplement it with some Hank and Sylvie’s treats and just watch the happiness unfold.  This week:  Are you up for sharing a simple meal with your people?  My suggestion is before consuming the bounty drop into the MIRACLE of having access to food that nourishes and conversations that nourish even more by stating a simple prayer before beginning. Life is too short to worry about it being fancy or perfect or planned way out… just do it and break bread with your people.

Give thanks for everything now.  I am struck by how much I am loving my gym.  I swear, I walk in there now and it feels like a party to me.  As I watch people jumping over things, getting creative on the ladder, high fiving each other for making it to the end, I feel like dancing (and often do).  I hate to admit that the idea that my time there may be coming to an end has really made me appreciate what I have had and still have for now anyway, SO MUCH.  So now, I am devoted to being on the lookout for anything that I have that makes my life so sweet.  I am committed to enthusiastically appreciating NOW without having to have the lesson of potentially losing it to notice how awesome it is.  This week:  What is in your life right at this moment that really fills you UP and you somehow take it for granted?  Absorb it, breathe it in, and say out loud and proud… THANK YOU and YES and WOW am I blessed.  This is so cool.  Again (at the risk of swearing too much) I swear it changes everything from just another hour in the day to an amazing hour of joy.

Brene Brown suggests in her amazing new book, Braving the Wilderness, that we will always find what we are looking for.  After this blessed week, I am on the lookout for more miracles, wondrous happenings and things that I am so thankful for…. Join me… life really is full of spontaneous opportunities be right in the middle of what feels like a party!​

AngelaLife is better when on the lookout for a Party