Workshop Schedule

What You Get in the “Your Fabulous Summer Body” group coaching challenge: 1 hour-long coaching session per week with 3 different times available: Tuesdays @ 7pm, Wednesdays @ 10:30am, Thursdays @ 1pm (View the Calendar Here) Don’t wait… just LEAP and SIGN UP NOW!!  Drop-Ins Welcome… entire series recommended!


Week 1 (Week of April 18): Create a Vision of Your Summer Body. Get ideas and inspiration for your 4-week May challenge!

Week 2 (Week of April 25): Creating Your Personalized Goal Checklist. Using the ideas and inspiration from Week 1 to set up your personalized May challenge.

Week 3 (Week of May 2): Group and Personal Check-In About Your Challenge. Plus tips and strategies for the best way to feed your body, including macronutrient balance and body intuition.

Week 4 (Week of May 9): Embracing and Moving Your Fabulous Body. More ideas on how to be present, how to move and how to fully appreciate the body you are in right now.

Week 5 (Week of May 16): You Are RIGHT. Learning to make yourself right with how life (and your challenge) continues to unfold. Plus, learn to incorporate relaxation and pleasure for ultimate results

Week 6 (Week of May 23): Keep It Going. A discussion about how to sustain what you’ve learned during the busy summer season. Simple solutions to sneak in healthy habits and cultivate a sense of balance even when you are out enjoying our beautiful summer.

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AngelaWorkshop Schedule