What does a coach do?

When you want to make changes in your life that are sustainable, summoning more willpower is NOT the key. 

My coaching is all about finding the things that are blocking you from success and dissolving them rather than just backing up and going at the problem a little harder.  Options are hard to see when you are in the midst of a difficult situation.  My job is to help you see obstacles as opportunities while helping you navigate around them rather than continuing to fight them.  Receiving a different perspective along with the inspiration to do things differently will lead to different outcomes.  Solutions are often baby steps, but sometimes they require a giant leap of faith which is easier done with encouragement.  We do not heal alone and using a coach is a valuable way of receiving support.


Ultimately, we all just want to be happy.  We set goals hoping to attain happiness.  But often the goals we set aren’t actually going to bring lasting happiness.  Happiness in and of itself can be very fleeting.  Uncovering what one really wants is key to deciding what goals are worthy of our time and energy.   I personally believe JOY is a better choice than happiness.  JOY is the emotion evoked by a feeling of well-being.  It is possible to learn how to evoke the feeling of well-being at any time.  With practice, JOY is possible even if the situation you currently find yourself in is not making you happy.   


Our internal beliefs are often unknowingly, but strongly influencing our behaviors.  I have learned and used the following tools in my quest to illuminate the subconscious and facilitate sustainable changes.

  • Somatic Experiencing  Trauma Therapy.  This is one of the most effective ways to uncover what the subconscious mind is hiding.
  • Eating Psychology.  Who we are as an eater is as important as what we eat.
  • Effective Safe Movement.  I have found that workouts are WAY more sustainable when you actually get results.
  • Magical Card Decks.  This is an amazing way to receive guidance, clarity and inspiration from the divine.
  • Course In Miracles. There is no order of difficulty in miracles is the first line in the Course.  This is my bedrock belief system.  Anything is possible, all we need to do is tune in to the correct channel.pow!
  • Enneagram.  A helpful system of classifying personality types which will illuminate one’s unconscious patterns.  This inspired categorizing opens the door to becoming the witness which leads to powerful changes.
  • 12-step.  These divinely inspired principles are so helpful for finding balance in a time of extremes.
Ready to learn how to evoke the feeling of well-being at any time creating more joy in your life? Let’s do this!  Click here to check out Coaching Options.