Go Pro

By Angela

The course in miracles teachers that I read and listen to all suggest that it is simply not enough to steer away from negativity.  You must pro-actively steer toward and engage in acts of love.

There is a big difference between simply not engaging with someone negative output and proactively sending them love and compassion.

There is a big difference between simply not entertaining negative thinking and proactively thinking thoughts of expansion, love and abundance.

As humans we are wired to look for what could go wrong.  We need to rewire, recalibrate and learn how to start noticing, naming and celebrating what is going right AND especially what we are doing well.

I’m calling this going PRO.  Pro-active, Pro-yes, Pro-love, Pro-awesome.

Ways to set up your day and be a PRO:

  • Set your intention and connect first thing in the am. Meditation, prayer, reading something uplifting, calling in the four directions and/or all other allies in the am will give you a much better chance at being PRO-love all day.  Deliberately ASK for help from powers outside yourself.
  • Slow down. Especially when triggered by something painful, stop and pause before responding.  I love it when I remember to make up a more loving story about someone who at first glance is acting like a jerk.  Maybe they had a rough morning with the kiddos or maybe they have a parent who is ill.  Things happen to humans all the time and we cannot possibly know the real story behind the jerk.  Going pro means rather than taking it personally, make up a story that gives them the benefit of the doubt.  Unfortunately it is pretty easy to call to mind times when I know I’ve came across as a jerk completely by accident or because something was going horribly wrong (at least my perception was horribly wrong, but that’s another blog on another day). Point is, I was just short with someone for no good reason other than I was tweaked.  We all do it and when someone does it to us, so AWESOME if we can shrug it off and give them the benefit of the doubt by remembering that we to have acted like jerks.   If we actively move from judgment and reaction to pausing and sending love, WE will feel better.
  • Surround yourself with reminders of who you want to be and what your purpose on the planet actually is. My house is filled with affirmations everywhere.  My friends like to tease me about it.  In fact, my next tattoo is one of my favorite affirmations and will be where I see it daily.  (again, giving my friends something to tease me about… Friend: “Angela, are you going to tattoo affirmations everywhere??!”  Me: “Uh, yep, if that what it takes to get me to remember!!”)  Books, lectures on audible, high vibe friends are all great ways to remember.  As humans, we forget that we are here to seek joy all the time so PRO-actively making sure you are surrounded by light filled reminders helps… a ton.

For today: Rather than just doing the minimum to stay in a high frequency, Co-Create with God and go for the MAXIMUM love, peace, joy and awesomeness.   In other words, GO PRO.

AngelaGo Pro