Compassion for your Organism

By Angela

Instead of saying, taking care of your body, my new therapist calls it “developing compassion for your organism”.  This has been really powerful to me.  I think partly because it makes a human sound more like a full operating unit rather than a mind separate from a body which is separate from a soul, all of which are being driven through fear and anxiety by the ego.

The fact that there is a very distinct lack of compassion for our organisms is not at all surprising. We live in a culture that says, grab a cup of coffee and keep going through the afternoon regardless of how your organism is feeling. We live in a culture that constantly sends messages of, “be this size in order to be lovable”.  This translates to strange disordered eating, punishing exercise and severe disembodiment. We live in a culture that tells us to work harder so we can have more stuff and do more things regardless of the increased burden of stress that comes attached to that level of performance.

We are a culture of thinking-ego-heads, dragging our poor organisms around behind us, insisting that they keep up and actually have the audacity to be mad at them when they can’t.  That is the opposite of compassion.

Can you imagine actually listening to your fatigue?  Or your hunger?  Or your desire for play?  Or your jealousy? Or your sadness?  I mean really sensing and reacting in a loving way to how the body is responding to the actions we are taking and the feelings we are having.  

Learning to flow with what the body wants and responds to will not lead to laziness and too much time on the couch.  Our organisms will want us to go to work, just in a balanced healthy way.  Our organisms are designed to tell us when, what and how much to eat.  We can’t hear the messages because we have such an agenda about everything.  

We have to start noticing that the ego is tricking us into believing we need to constantly override our poor organism.  Our organism can be trusted.  The ego cannot.

I know that this is possible even though it is a challenging journey that requires an absolute commitment to really practice it.  It is a learning process that will be filled with ups and downs.  Very rarely do we stop one extreme without swinging the other way for a bit.  It is necessary to trust that balance will come but not always immediately.

THIS WEEK:  Try thinking about your body and mind as your very own precious organism.  Does that change things for you?  It is a game changer for me.  Being curious, listening and trusting your organism is the royal road to healthy body image, organic wonderful life rhythm, true prosperity and yes, more joy.

AND as a side note:  I’m here if you want to talk about this, need some help with this or anything else… I do not find this easy but I find it to be worth the effort.  Absolutely.

AngelaCompassion for your Organism