Circling Back

By Angela

Have you ever noticed that when you manifest something fantastic it feels amazing for about 30 seconds before your brain immediately goes to “what’s next??”  I’m all about doing the happy dance when something miraculous happens (AND make no mistake, I definitely do do a happy dance).  I’m also all about noticing and naming the miracles out loud (sometimes to a human and sometimes to a canine but still calling it out… OUT LOUD).  But here’s where I sometimes fall down in all this thankfulness.  Much like my goal setting, it is too short lived before I’m on to the next thing.  As you know if you have read any of my blogs, I suffer from the disease of more.  If a little is good than certainly more is better?  (I mean right??)  So I run into, “yeah yeah that was great but it was so last hour.” 
Watching people and observing my self is sort of my thing. As a coach, I find it helpful to look at what’s working and not working when people are on the JOY path.  I see myself appreciate but then way too quickly move on, and I see many of my friends do the same thing.  Something wonderful happens and it’s awesome and we are so thankful, but it is crazy short-lived before we are on to the next goal/manifestation or problem. 
Enough breezing through these miracles, let’s really LAND them in our consciousness if only to really re-experience the JOY that they brought the first time.
This weekend, circle on back with me and make a list of the miracles that have happened in March.  Just in March… and yes, write them down, there is power in the spoken and WRITTEN word.  Circle back, make a list, say it out loud to a human (or a canine) with a big fat THANK YOU, then throw on a Tutu and do a happy dance.  (Alright, you can skip the tutu but I’m telling you everything is more fun with a tutu!!)

Here is my list of March Miracles.  There are so many more but I know you have to get to your own list so I’ll keep it short:

  1. Nicole Inman aka my current favorite super hero. YES.She is going to trade some training for dog sitting at the end of the month.I have to say again… THANK YOU!!  I was tempted to get stressed about how I was going to make this round of my Somatic Experiencing training in San Diego happen with all that is going on with my divorce. But, I’m committed to BOTH FEET in the Spiritual Realm so I continued to GIVE my dog care situation to God for a solution (over and over already).  Lo and behold one of my very favorite people around town is going to come be with my pack while I’m down south in my training.Yip Yip and a Skip around the apartment in the Tutu!
  2. A mind blowing ancestral Journey with my most inspired Shaman, Sonia Sommer. If you ever get a chance to work with Sonia… DO IT.This woman brings magic into her healing space and seriously… it’s life altering.I got to do a major healing with my ancestors and I feel 18 pounds lighter.(yes.. 18 lbs… like a big backpack was lifted off my back)
  3. The Joy of winter arrived in Ketchum. Who knew that we were going to get snow this year??? The social media is blowing up with happiness about it while Lucky Lucksters and I have been out snowshoeing, skinning and play play playing. We love snow! Thank you Mamma earth!
  4. The Unicorn Goddess Book Club met again… this is the modern day miracle of computers and Zoom (the new Skype). We talk about the Course in Miracles via the Radical Guidance in Jacob Glass’s book the Crabby Angel Chronicles and everyone “appears” in my living room via my computer. It looks like the Brady bunch on my screen and it’s MAGIC I tell you. Maybe I’m so old that I’m not jaded by modern technology but so be it. I appreciate being able to connect with my Mexico Retreat Tribe in such an uplifting manner and I am naming it as Miraculous.

I could go on and on and seriously it is only March 9 as I write this but I’m certain you get the point. I hope you do this simple miracle naming list for yourself because my mood and feelings of well-being aka JOY just went through the roof (AGAIN) as I wrote this out. It is powerful to focus on and name what is amazing and miraculous in your life.This is also a great tool to pull you back closer to the present which is where we are creating our next glorious miracles.I know that when I get out in the future planning and “helping” Divine Source with figuring things out, it only puts me in a place of anxiety and stress. The gigantic problem is I am actually not only NOT helping, I am blocking the flow of energy that ready willing and eager to help me (uh, whoopsies, sorry about that… I’ll stop helping now and just feel so thankful and awesome due to all these miracles). Any and all tools to bring me back to the GLORIOUS RIGHT NOW are awesome and this is a big one.

AngelaCircling Back