By Angela

Letting go.  Saying good bye.  Moving on.  Even if what’s coming is AMAZING, it is a challenge to change and let go, say good bye and move on.  At least it is for me. When ATRAIN was born, it was six women who just wanted to be able to workout with me at a group rate.  I remember thinking at …


It takes two

By Angela

Strength training two to three days a week consistently has been something I have been doing for the last two decades.  Seriously, unless I’m on a trip or vacation, I rarely miss.  You would think that the secret to my badassery and consistency would be my love of the gym.   While I do love the gym, the answer to that …

AngelaIt takes two

The End

By Angela

An email popped up in my inbox a couple of days ago questioning is there are really any endings.  My answer to that is yes.  We have beginnings, middles and ends.  The beginning, middle and end to a day.  The beginning, middle and ending to a season.  The beginning, middle and end to a year. And yes, the beginning, middle …

AngelaThe End

Oh the Dance

By Angela

Never in a million years would I have imagined that swing dancing lessons would be so fun.   Dale Bates is an excellent teacher and between his instruction, the music, the outfits and learning something new, I’m absolutely hooked.What I love the most (which is saying a lot because I love all of it) is how the dance between the lead …

AngelaOh the Dance

Life is better when on the lookout for a Party

By Angela

One of my favorite Course in Miracles teachers is Jacob Glass.  (Top three are Jacob, Marianne Williamson and Pam Grout)  His awesome book, The Crabby Angel Chronicles suggests in many places to be ready for a party to break out at any given moment.This is going to be short and sweet because I have literally been on the lookout for …

AngelaLife is better when on the lookout for a Party


By Angela

 The latest Deadpool movie has a super hero named Domino.  Her superpower is the ability to turn things in her favor so she ends up being very lucky ALL THE TIME.  In other words, Domino possesses mutant probability-altering powers. (Uh, how cool is THAT??)  Deadpool argues with her that that being lucky is not a super hero power but turns …


Transformational Boot Camp

By Angela

 Let’s face it, a big serious change is not usually easy.  This past year I have been in transformational boot camp and it has been all the things that you would imagine boot camp to be. Brutal. Rewarding. Life Altering.Messy.Irritating X like a million.  (Ugh… can I just have a nap and take a break please!!)Transformational.  I am not the same person after …

AngelaTransformational Boot Camp

Go Pro

By Angela

The course in miracles teachers that I read and listen to all suggest that it is simply not enough to steer away from negativity.  You must pro-actively steer toward and engage in acts of love.There is a big difference between simply not engaging with someone negative output and proactively sending them love and compassion.There is a big difference between simply …

AngelaGo Pro

Magic, Magic, Magic

By Angela

In the world of metaphysics, it is a strong belief that you will experience what you believe.  If you believe that the world is filled with limitations, your experience will be one of limits.  If you think people suck, you’ll most likely run into sucky people.  If you imagine that there isn’t enough, then guaranteed you’ll always be lacking. The cool …

AngelaMagic, Magic, Magic

Flowing right out of Stress Part II

By Angela

How do you you know if you are in the Flow??  This is the follow up from yesterday’s Blog about flowing away from stress.The flow feels easy.The flow feels fun.The flow feels like floating with the current rather than swimming upstream.The flow can be work but it doesn’t feel miserable or exhausting. If you feel miserable or exhausted you have …

AngelaFlowing right out of Stress Part II