Who is Angela?

Angela at pavillion in blue
I’m a gym rat who turned it into a living. I’m an eating coach who occasionally enjoys dessert after breakfast. One of my top goals it to live life in the most awesome and authentic way possible.

Here’s what makes me tick :

  • Helping promote change in a sustainable way… I mean we KNOW what to do, right? Why can’t we just do it?
  • Helping people create a healthy relationship with food… One that enhances your life rather than dominates it.
  • Designing workouts that support living an active and injury-free lifestyle. Finding exercises that make my clients stronger outside and support them in everyday life.
  • Finding BalanceIt’s not about always maintaining your equilibrium, but figuring out how to bounce back when you lose it.
  • Oh, and I love everything about superheroesWouldn’t it be cool if we could all find a way connect with our inner superhero?
I am a newly certified by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating as an Eating Psychology Coach. Eating Psychology is a very cool new field created by my inspirational teacher, Marc David. Other teachers who have influenced my coaching are Louise Hay, Martha Beck, Dr. Fuhrman, Dr. Mark Hyman, Kathleen DesMaisons, Marianne Williamson, Christel Nani and so many of my everyday superheroes. My favorite exercise influences are Juan Carlos Santana, Chuck Wolfe and Gary Gray. Here’s the short list of books that have inspired my journey in learning about sustainable changes: The Power of Habit, You can Heal Your Life, A Course in Miracles, Start with Why, The Gift of Our Compulsions, The AA Big Book, Workaholics Anonymous, Sacred Choices, Ultra Metabolism, Loving What is, Switch and The Sugar Addict’s Total Recovery Program.

My clients and friends call me:Angela in snow

  • Passionate
  • Authentic (yay- that’s my goal!!)
  • Encouraging
  • A good listener
  • Inspirational
  • Solution orientated
  • Fun
  • Powerful
  • Confident
  • Funny
I would call myself quirky, real, honest and fiercely dedicated to teaching and coaching. I’m in love with the idea that we are AWESOME already and the journey is about accepting that and letting it out. If you want to try out some coaching with me, click here to hit me up…I would love to hear from you! I’m available for strength training AND Eating Psychology coaching.… moving and eating… my two big loves (after Rob and my wiener dogs).
Wow, she is a fine specimen, that Angela. I just love her, she has great energy. -Taylor Bernstein
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